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Our Expertise is Turning Data Into Direction and Diagnosis into Decisions, Helping You Achieve Durable, Efficient Growth.

Accelerant Growth Solutions (AGS) is a sales transformation consultancy for ambitious B2B sales organizations, across diverse B2B industry verticals with a born-in SaaS legacy. With a foundation built on scientifically validated diagnostics, AI-Charged™ insights and strategic operationalization, our services are designed to identify the pivotal 2mm shifts that unlock exponential growth, streamline sales processes, and amplify revenue generation.

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The AGS Difference

At Accelerant Growth Solutions, we are more than consultants; we are seasoned operators across the entire go-to-market funnel. Our mission is to empower data-driven sales leaders on a transformative journey that not only achieves but also surpasses ambitious sales goals. With deep expertise in driving sales from prospecting to customer success, AGS ensures your organization excels in the complexities of modern sales environments, achieving sustainable growth and competitive advantage with unmatched efficiency and innovation.

How We Do It


Optimizing Performance with the bowtie Go-To-Market

The Bowtie Data Model transforms the customer journey into a seamless continuum, empowering go-to-market teams to enhance customer experiences from initial prospecting through to lasting loyalty. At AGS, we integrate this metric-driven approach, deploying experienced specialists at each critical stage of the funnel—demand generation, sales operations, and customer success—to maximize efficiency and impact. We provide tailored engagements to suit diverse business requirements, focusing on detailed metrics for performance evaluation, strategic execution guidance, and hands-on support to assist your team at every step.

Navigating the Sales Maze: Finding Clarity Amid Complexity

In the dynamic sales landscape, CEOs, CROs, and board members strive to elevate their teams to new heights. Yet, they often feel like they're navigating a maze, burdened by data overload and entrenched in outdated methods that leave organizations confused and stagnant.

The journey is further complicated by a resistance to adopt AI-driven strategies, with fears of complicating the tech stack even as productivity declines. A Salesforce.com study reveals that 77% of sellers' time is spent on non-selling activities, leading to missed opportunities and decreased efficiency. Despite investments in resources, many sales teams find their productivity decreasing instead of improving, deepening the gap between current performance and peak potential.


Wondering what sets us apart in powering up your sales strategy? It's deep-rooted in experience and success.

At the heart of today's sales strategy evolution lies a glaring transformation: a shift from gut-driven tactics to scientific methodologies that meticulously engineer every facet of the Go-To-Market strategy. This shift is what Accelerant Growth Solutions brings to the table—helping you turn sales from an art into a precision-driven science, where strategies are no longer guesses but data-informed decisions.

Guided by a team of partners recognized as titans in the industry, our collective expertise spans the creation and development of the SaaS market ecosystem, transformative sales & customer success strategies, and operational excellence in revenue engines. In addition, our history with private equity firms, enhancing the value of portfolio companies, exemplifies our capacity for not just advising but actualizing efficient and durable growth.

Our dedication goes beyond lifting your sales organization to peak performance; it's about instilling a culture of excellence and leadership. The shift towards leveraging comprehensive data to process engineer each stage of your GTM strategy doesn't just set you apart as an industry leader but ensures your team's execution is nothing short of world-class.

We Empower Go-To-Market Excellence

At Accelerant Growth Solutions, our leadership team is a dynamic blend of industry titans dedicated to transforming sales teams into engines of unprecedented revenue growth. Our managing partners—Mark Petruzzi, Kristin Anderson, Peter Black, Katerina Ostrovsky and Jim Jensen along with our Expert Accelerators, harness a formidable array of experiences and insights from high-tech and strategic market leadership. Our collective expertise exemplifies:

  • Leaders of High-Growth Tech Companies
  • Pioneers in AI and Big Data Analytics
  • Strategists Behind Multi-Billion Dollar Exits
  • Former sr. executives and expert advisors to the MBB strategy firms (McKinsey, BCG and Bain) & the Big Four
  • Veterans of Fortune 1000 Enterprise Success
  • Innovators in Sales Process Optimization
  • Advocates for Data-Driven Sales Culture
  • Experts in Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Visionaries in Sales and Revenue Acceleration

"Peter was an invaluable Executive Coach and GTM Advisor during our period of hyper-growth. His dynamic sales strategies and hands-on training significantly enhanced our sales processes and outcomes, helping to scale our team and increase our annual contract value by 340%. His guidance was crucial in managing big-picture challenges and achieving over 160% year-over-year sales growth."

- CRO, Everstream Analytics, Supply Chain SaaS

"The AGS team's data-driven strategies significantly boosted our sales effectiveness, increasing our Win Rate by 16% and Customer Lifetime Value by 12%. His ability to align sales strategy with business objectives has not only enhanced our immediate sales performance but has also positioned us for sustained revenue growth."

- Interim CEO, Analytics & Planning SaaS

"Working with KK, we significantly enhanced our sales capabilities at multiple companies. KK's depth of capabilities with the OMG sales assessment transformed our hiring process, decreasing ramp time by 50%, and significantly boosted our team development and sales outcomes. I highly recommend KK for impactful coaching and strategic insight in sales optimization."

-  Former CRO, SaaS EdTech

"Katerina crafted a GTM framework that honed in on critical metrics, refining our sales strategies to reduce our average sales cycle from 120 days to 87 days and more than double our win rates in less than a year. Her targeted enhancements at crucial stages of our sales funnel dramatically increased lead conversion rates from 20% to 34%. These focused initiatives optimized resource use and spurred rapid, efficient growth across multiple GTM channels." 

- CRO, Jellysmack, MediaTech, Creator Economy

"Working with KK over the years, I've seen them make substantial improvements to our sales processes. Their guidance has been crucial in achieving the '2 mm shift' that has significantly enhanced our business performance. KK in particular, excels in demystifying complex issues, offering targeted help, and boosting our team's capabilities with her exceptional coaching skills."

- Head of Sales Enablement, Travel & Hospitality SaaS

"The AGS team was pivotal in enhancing our Customer Engagement Index, lifting it by over 15 basis points in just four months, reflecting stronger customer relationships. Their approach not only boosted our numbers but created a lasting impact across the board. Highly recommended for transformative sales engagements."

- President, Apps Associates, Technology Professional Services

"Thanks again for all your help.  You have been a tremendous asset for us over the last 6 months."

-  CEO, D Wave, Quantum Computing SaaS

Picture this: Your organization not just executing well, but defining the industry standard.

You're at the helm of a seamlessly optimized operation. Your go-to-market strategy is fully dialed-in, each phase of your GTM engine under close surveillance. Flashing red alerts promptly notify you of metric deviations, preempting any downstream dilemmas. You confidently command your marketing investments, backed by robust metrics like CAC, CSAT, MAU, and LTV. Your sales leaders foster a culture of accountability and excellence, enabling sellers to flawlessly execute your strategies. Post-deal, the focus shifts from closing to expanding relationships, supported by a harmonious tech stack that enhances every customer interaction. You're not just running a business; you're leading a well-oiled revenue-generating powerhouse.

Imagine the extraordinary possibilities.

Mastering Your Market:

With AGS, you gain the strategic edge to dominate your industry, leaving competitors in your wake.

Operational Excellence:

Achieve your ideal operational model with our guidance, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the board.


Exponential Revenue Growth:

We don't just aim for incremental improvements; we strategize for monumental increases in your revenue stream

This vision of success is not a mere dream but a proven outcome for AGS clients. We're ready to chart your course to sales acceleration. Embrace the journey; let AGS illuminate the path.

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Take the Next Step Towards Unprecedented Sales Growth

Embarking on this journey with Accelerant Growth Solutions means embracing the data-driven and AI-Charged™ future of sales success.

By aligning with our proven practices, you're not just taking a step towards achieving your sales targets; you're leaping towards the extraordinary business growth, revenue milestones, and competitive edge you've envisioned for your organization.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your sales force? Let's connect for a strategic exploration session. Together, we'll map out the immediate actions for impactful results, ensuring that your sales organization not only meets its goals but surpasses them, securing the success and team selling effectiveness and efficiency you have dreamed of achieving.

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The AGS Advantage: A Promise of Transformation and Triumph

Partnering with AGS brings more than just revenue growth; it's about achieving a state of sales excellence that propels your entire organization forward.


From Data to Direction: With precision diagnostics, we guide your sales strategy to hit the mark every time, steering you toward unparalleled success.

Innovation as a Standard: Break free from conventional bounds, as we drive your organization to not only meet but set new industry standards.

With AGS, the journey from potential to achievement is both transformative and attainable. Realize not just a 10% improvement in sales capability for a 33% increase in revenue but also discover the power of optimized sales operations that redefine what success looks like. This comprehensive uplift goes beyond the bottom line, enhancing influence, freeing up time, and empowering you with the liberty to focus on what truly matters.

Step into the future of sales with AGS. Experience the full spectrum of benefits as we guide your GTM strategy to legendary status. Embrace the potential; transform your sales, and let's achieve the extraordinary together.

Results You Can Expect

A Personal Invitation 

You're here because you sense that your sales organization has untapped potential. You believe in excellence, innovation, and the transformative power of data-driven strategies.

At Accelerant Growth Solutions, we share your conviction. We've dedicated our careers to empowering leaders like you to unlock the full prowess of their sales teams. Engage with us, and let us illuminate the path to accessing your organization's peak performance. 

We're eager to partner with you on this journey of growth and discovery. Together, let's make your vision a reality. We look forward to making a meaningful difference in your journey to sales mastery.

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Our Commitment to Giving Back

Accelerant Growth Solutions (AGS) stands at the crossroads of sales innovation and social impact. We're a tight-knit team of industry veterans committed to reshaping sales landscapes while nurturing a culture of giving back.

Our expertise has propelled over 550 leaders and organizations towards not just meeting but soaring beyond, their revenue goals through custom strategies and data-driven insights.

But AGS's story isn't just about sales success; it's about our pledge to make a difference. 10% of every dollar we earn in profit is donated to charities close to our hearts, from youth empowerment, children’s medical research, to food insecurity, embodying our belief that business can be a force for good.

Join us as we not only aim for your sales targets but also strive for a broader impact. With AGS, your growth journey contributes to a greater cause, blending profit with purpose for a truly fulfilling path to success.