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At Accelerant Growth Solutions, we champion the cause of transforming go-to-market organizations by leveraging data, AI, and deep industry expertise.

Our delivery team, balanced between our Managing Partners and Expert Accelerators, are the best in the business. They are seasoned veterans and operators who bring their vast experiences to bear on every customer engagement. You've got good leaders in your organization, leverage the team at AGS to make them great. 

Meet Our Team:

Our team leads the charge providing all services. They are united in their commitment to the principles that data-driven strategies and AI-Charged solutions are essential for mastering sales in the digital age.

Mark Petruzzi

Mark Petruzzi is Co-Founder, CEO & Expert Accelerator at AGS. Mark is also an expert advisor at Genpact and Boston Consulting Group. Mark brings a wealth of experience in cloud computing, SaaS with deep dives across many B2B selling industries especially ones that are looking to learn from the successes of SaaS. A best-selling author of Selling the Cloud and Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling, his deep insights into market ecosystems, data science in sales and the power of AI-Charged processes make him a pivotal figure in any B2B sales transformation.

Kristin "KK" Anderson

Kristin Anderson is Co-Founder, President/CRO & Expert Accelerator at AGS. Known as "KK", she is a trailblazer in transforming sales strategies across diverse industries. With experience leading Baker Communications' Data-Driven Sales Enablement Team, she has guided over 589 sales organizations to dramatic growth. Specializing in leveraging sales assessments and predictive competency data, KK's work spans high-profile clients like AWS and Splunk, achieving significant increase in sales outcomes through precise, data-backed strategies. 

Scott Rhodes 

Scott Rhodes is Co-Founder, CMO & Expert Accelerator at AGS. An executive with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales, and customer engagement. A former director at Boston Consulting Group, he specializes in building high-performance, metrics-driven teams and crafting integrated growth strategies for Fortune 100 companies, emphasizing agile, cross-functional collaboration. His expertise spans developing end-to-end growth capabilities that unify marketing and sales strategies around common objectives, driving significant enhancements in business operations and customer outcomes. 

Katerina Ostrovsky

Katerina Ostrovsky is an Expert Advisor and RevOps practice leader at AGS. Katerina is a forward-thinking Revenue Operations executive, driving growth through data-driven GTM strategies and AI applications, transforming traditional SaaS GTM strategies into competitive, data-backed growth engines. Her adeptness at connecting cross-functional teams, combined with RevTech proficiency and aligned metrics, ensures durable, efficient, and scalable growth for the companies she collaborates with.

Eddie Birchfield

Eddie Birchfield is a Partner at AGS and is one of the most highly regarded and well-networked sales leaders in HealthTech and other B2B industry sectors. Eddie brings extensive experience in enhancing sales effectiveness and productivity. Eddie is also an esteemed faculty member at the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. He is also the co-founder of ADTRAN, Inc., and a veteran in strategic sales. management and executive recruitment, Eddie's profound insights enrich our strategic outreach and operational excellence.

Jim Jensen

Jim Jensen is a Managing Partner at AGS, with over 30 years of experience leading software and technology companies to market leadership. He excels in transformative strategies that enhance stakeholder value and foster a culture-driven workplace. His approach centers on servant leadership and empowering innovation. A respected HCM industry voice, Jim frequently speaks at global conferences on SaaS, HR technology, and corporate culture. His expertise extends to M&A, operational execution, and financial management.

Paul Melchiorre

Paul Melchiorre is an Expert Accelerator with AGS and is an accomplished enterprise software sales executive with a 30-year history of scaling companies through growth phases to successful exits. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him build and lead global teams at firms like SAP Ariba, Anaplan, and Docusign, overseeing strategic initiatives that have significantly boosted enterprise value. As a former strategist at Boston Consulting Group and currently an Expert Accelerator at AGS, Paul blends deep operational acumen with insightful strategic planning to drive substantial business transformations.

Cathy Minter

Cathy Minter is an Expert Accelerator at AGS, with a distinguished background as the former Chief Revenue Officer at R3, where she drove significant business value within the fintech sector through expert sales strategies and strategic leadership. As a seasoned executive, she excels in fostering operational excellence and profitable growth in software and emerging technologies, adept at building global teams and improving business operations.

 Tracey Newell

Tracey Newell is an Expert Accelerator at AGS, with a distinguished career on the boards of companies like SailPoint, Highspot, DataRobot, Druva, and Deepwatch. Formerly the president of Informatica and an EVP at Proofpoint during its hypergrowth phase, Tracey's expertise spans global sales, marketing, and customer success. She is celebrated as a Top 100 Sales Leader and advises Blackrock's Long-Term Private Capital Group. Tracey’s leadership experience includes pivotal roles at Polycom, Juniper Networks, Webex, and Cisco Systems, making her a trusted advisor in driving strategic growth and innovation.

David Corso

David is an Expert Accelerator at AGS, leverages extensive experience in healthcare selling ecosystems as a Chief Commercial Officer at 4L Data Intelligence. With a focus on strategic planning and execution, David has a history of removing operational barriers and spearheading financial and revenue successes across diverse organizations. His expertise spans SaaS platforms, cloud computing, analytics, and integration platforms. 

Michael Crain


Michael Crain an Expert Accelerator at AGS.  He is also CEO of Predictive Wins, a partner company to AGS.  Michael is passionate about helping organizations elevate their marketplace differentiation.  Professionals from a variety of verticals share a common comment regarding Michael’s affinity for being relevant, authentic, creative, and engaging. These include professionals from AWS (Amazon), Deloitte, World Fuel Services, J.B. Hunt Transportation, Red Bull, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, VMWare and more.

Ben Pastro

Ben Pastro is an Expert Accelerator at AGS, is known for his dynamic leadership in tech solutions organizations, where he facilitates building new lines of business around modern technologies to accelerate growth and enhance value. His expertise in SaaS and cloud computing, including platforms like Oracle and Salesforce, has been pivotal in cultivating strategic partnerships and scaling global teams. 

Peter Black

Peter Black is a Strategic Advisor and Expert Accelerator at AGS.  He boasts over 35 years of experience in enterprise software sales, with key roles at high-growth companies like SAP Ariba, Anaplan, and Domo. As a seasoned leader, he has driven sales excellence across numerous technology platforms, including his recent role as Chief Revenue Officer at InsideSales. Peter also invests in and supports innovative ventures, such as Prima Barista Brands, demonstrating his commitment to pioneering new markets and technologies. 

Ray Rike

Ray Rike is an Expert Accelerator with AGS and brings over 30 years of subscription software leadership and expertise in B2B SaaS applications. Having led go-to-market teams at companies from startups to multibillion-dollar enterprises, he has driven five successful company exits. Ray excels in using metrics and benchmarks to enhance decision-making, align teams, and boost revenue efficiency, increasing enterprise value. His leadership spans teams of 20 to 500+ employees, consistently fostering growth across stages.

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