Sell without Selling Out - with Andy Paul

The professional of Sales continues to evolve, and is much more nuanced and complex these days - especially in the world of B2B Sales in the Cloud.

Andy Paul is one of the foremost experts in B2B Sales.  His 1,000 + episodes of the "Sales Enablement Podcast" and his latest best selling book entitled "Sell without Selling Out" provides unique insights, experiences and recommendations Andy has from over 30 years in the profession.

What is the motivation for writing a Sales book?  Andy's perspective is that selling is not evolving quick enough - and that we are basically just automating many of the same old processes used for decades!  Why is that the case - that was the fundamental question Andy sought to  understand and answer.

Why does B2B Sales need to evolve?  One is that the market continues to evolve and have been accentuated over time.  First, the internet has enabled more self-service by the buyers. Secondly, information about a company and their products is much more readily available by the buyers.  Third, if Sales does not evolve as a professional, buyers will find away to buy even complex, considered products without engaging with a sales person.

One of the metrics shared was that 54% of buyers regret their purchase decision when they did not engage with a sales person before making the purchase.  Andy highlighted that as a society we have become less social as measured by actual human to human interactions and this is leading to a higher level of buyer satisfaction.  In fact, for decades buyers did not really want to speak to sales professionals unless the sales professional can actually help them and their company.

The primary goal of a B2B Sales professional?  It's not to persuade, but it is to listen to what the buyer's need is and help them achieve that.  Buyers need sellers to be curious and go beyond gathering information (discovery), but is to truly understand the priorities, who else it is important to and what is the value of using your product or service?  The goal is not to get an "ORDER", it is to understand what the buyer's needs really are.

Andy has a unique ability to blend great stories from his own experiences, the insights he has gained form interviewing over 1,000 guests on his podcast and from the broad research he conducts daily in the pursuit of his natural "continuous learning" personality.

For anyone interested in learning more about the art of "Selling without Selling Out" this podcast and Andy's book are great investments.

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