The Pivitol Alignment between Strategy and Sales - Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard

Welcome to today's episode of the 'Selling the Cloud' Podcast! We are thrilled to have Frank Cespedes as our guest. Frank is a Senior Lecturer of Business Administration in the Entrepreneurial Unit at Harvard Business School. With a wealth of experience in running businesses, serving on boards for start-ups and corporations, and consulting globally, Frank brings a unique perspective to our discussion. He is the author of six books, including our topic for today, Aligning Strategy and Sales. In this episode, we dive into these key areas: The importance of clear communication of strategic choices to sales teams. Common challenges in aligning sales with strategic objectives and ways to overcome them. Integrating internal performance management factors with external market characteristics. Strategies for recruiting and developing salespeople who can execute the strategy effectively. Key considerations for developing metrics that evaluate and reward performance in line with strategic goals.